March 17, 2007

In the following article, "A Brush With Death," you will read about perhaps the greatest day of my life… simply because my dad (“Baba”), Dr. Petro S. Maropis, survived.  The thought of living the last 33 years of my life without “Baba” and everything that he instilled in me: freedom, compassion, understanding, knowledge, athleticism, drive, passion, integrity, class, etc… is incomprehensible.  He is and always will be my number one hero.

Thank you for hanging in there, “Baba.”   Also, thank you for not instilling hatred in me towards the Palestinian people -- two bad apples (terrorists) don’t spoil the whole lot of people.  If more fathers were like you, perhaps a world peace would come sooner than later.  I love you, “Baba.”

Finally, I am forever thankful and blessed that no one else in my family was at that Athens airport on that fateful day.

 I love you “Baba,” “Mama,” Sam and Chris.


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