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Adoni -- 2011 National Champion in Hardbat Ping Pong:

"I achieved a milestone in 2011 becoming the National Champion in Hardbat Ping Pong. I told my brother when we were kids that we could be the best in the USA or even the world if we put our mind, heart, soul, and belief into it. In December of 2011 in Virginia Beach, I first won the Over 40 title in an amazing match (21-19) in the final set. I also lost in the finals of the Sandpaper Championships in a great match. Then, I won the biggie. For me it means a lot because I always want to inspire, especially Type 1 Diabetics and those a bit less fortunate, to follow their Quest, whatever that may be. BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE and you will achieve!

Click to watch a 3 minute "triumph of the spirit" feature of Adoni with his father!
Watch Adoni at the 2013 US Open!

Truth is, I have a passion and love for ping pong because it's fun, athletic, focuses my attentions away from all the stresses of life, and more importantly takes me back to home and family. It means a lot to me and brought me out of my doldrums back in 2006 after not playing for 30 years. I actually got my most memorable TV role as villain Abu Fayed on "24" only a week or so after I brought back the joy of ping pong to my life.

At my first National Championships in 2008, I found out from USA National Coach, Stefan Feth (who happens to be German), that the German National team yells "Abu Fayed" when they hit a "wicked" winning shot - and they started this new tradition before they even knew that I played ping pong. Now how about that for fate!"


Adoni playing ping pong at Hardbat Classic


Adoni was a special guest at the Nixon Library to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy with USA and Chinese delegations including players. Many present and past World Champions were there, primarily from China. Some of the festivities of day one included an exhibition of sandpaper ping pong with Adoni playing against the Junior World Champion from China, followed by five other previous World Champions.

Adoni struck up a friendship with the Chinese coach Lu Yuansheng (World Champion in the 1970’s). Mr. Lu really enjoyed playing with Adoni and requested another exhibition with him at a prominent sports club in Los Angeles.

Although Mr. Lu did not speak or understand a word of English, and Adoni likewise in regards to Chinese, their dialogue with the catalyst of a ping pong ball was as if they were performing together in a beautiful classical concerto. This is what Ping Pong Diplomacy is all about. Two athletes/warriors coming together and connecting even though they are worlds apart in culture and custom.

Adoni and Yiyon Fan - #1 in USA

Adoni and Liang Ge Liang, who was #1 in World during first Ping Pong Diplomacy in China

Adoni and Coach Lu Yuansheng - World Champ in 1970's after Liang Ge Lian