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Adoni plays Mr. Gray, a unique dangerous assassin with a code of ethics in the action thriller, Lazarus Rising, which won the Best Action Feature Film at the 2015 Action On Film Festival. View the Lazarus Rising Trailer Here.


They Might Be Giants - I'll Be Haunting You (Dial-A-Song Week 49)




In 2011, Adoni became the National Champion in Hardbat Ping Pong. He also won the US Open Championship in Hardbat and Sandpaper Ping Pong in 2013.



Adoni had a short yet incredible trip to Big Oak Ranch Birmingham, Alabama. The visit was a huge success and a lot of fun, with TV and radio show interviews - and ending with a "Fayed Night," which was attended by about 200 guests. The event was hosted by Chuck & Lauren Welden and Jamie & Ann Holman, and was highlighted by Adoni presenting a $10,000 donation to John Croyle, founder of the Big Oak Ranch - a home for displaced children.

Book by John CroyleAdoni met and befriended the Weldens and Holmans when they came to the set of 24 during the filming of Season 6, courtesy of FOX, in appreciation for their large donation to the Big Oak Ranch.

Being an athlete himself, Adoni quickly identified with John Croyle who gave up a professional football career to raise over 1,300 displaced children in need of a loving home. John is not only a hero to these kids, he is also the author of the must-read book, Bringing Out the Winner in Your Child (available at After reading it himself, Adoni believes that everyone could benefit from John's book, even if you're not a parent - it's informative and inspirational.

If you are not familiar with this very worth-while cause, please take a moment to visit the Big Oak website -

Adoni would like to thank the people of Birmingham for their kindness, especially Chuck, Lauren, Jamie, and Ann.

Adoni Maropis at Big Oak Ranch fundraiser